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This was a big day…after more than a decade of researching and writing, I am mailing my manuscript to the publisher.  Version 2




My first book, title Sioux Code Talkers of World War II will be published by Pelican Publishing in Spring, 2017!





May 5, 2016  Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators 

Panel Presentation: Submission and Rejection

Presenters: Kathy Blasi, Sibby Falk, Keely Hutton and Andrea Page

  • Internal and external factors that stop you from writing
  • Strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Discuss the meaning of success
  • Describe their process
  • How to handle rejection

April 2, 2015  Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators 

Panel Presentation: Perfecting Pitch & Query

Presenters: Kathy Blasi, Barbara Underhill, and Andrea Page

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