Dr. Deming’s Points 9, 12, 14 (excerpts)

#9 “Break down barriers between departments.”

#12 “Remove barriers that rob the hourly worker of pride in workmanship.”

#14 “Put everyone in the company in teams to accomplish the transformation. The transformation is everyone’s job.”


My reflection: Students must be put in charge of their learning and be motivated to take pride in their accomplishments. Teachers must have input on how they will complete all their responsibilities. Administrators need to collect and take in feedback from all parties to design the best building possible.

I offer a personalized end of the year survey for my students to take and provide feedback on my teaching. The kids are a little uncomfortable at first, but then they take it. They have provided me some constructive feedback in the past that helps me set goals for myself the next year.

Feedback should be taken as feedback, not as a personal attack. People have different viewpoints and valid thoughts. Releasing responsibility in the classroom takes time. Students process at a different rate. Adult, professional conversations take time to discuss and hear both sides, then collaborate together. When everyone plays an active part, everyone takes pride in the overall system’s success in the end. Go team!

Next up: reflections on leadership

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