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January, 2017
The Rochester Knighthawks recently honored the last surviving Akwesasne Code Talker of WWII

Click Here to watch video report TWCNews

Click Here to watch news report RochesterFirst

November, 2013

The Code Talker Recognition Ceremony took place in Washington, D.C. in November, 2013.  This is the result of so many people and tribes working together to honor these men of WWI and WWII.

I created a brief video summary of the Gold and Silver Ceremony that took place in Emancipation Hall, then the National Museum of the American Indian.  A third ceremony was held for the Sioux in the Senate building.

We were privileged to be invited to the Washington ceremonies. The trip was the culmination of years of collaboration by many people and is a memory I will forever cherish.


Below is a video created by a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. (Dances with Leaves Production) Eddie Eagle Boy served as a Lakota Code Talker with my great-uncle John Bear King (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe).

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  1. Jennifer Nackleysays: Reply

    Your website is beautiful! I am so happy for you – you inspire me to do greater things and be a better person. Congratulations and best wishes.

  2. Dave Sullivansays: Reply

    I am compiling a feature article dealing with Native American code talkers for the Journal of the Company of Military Historians and will appreciate any information concerning the wartime service of Eddie Eagle Boy and your great uncle, including photographs.

    Thank you,

    Dave Sullivan

    • Thank you for the note. I have a few notes in my book, but cannot release the information yet. Please check back after my book is released and I’d be happy to help. Andrea

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