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The Four Directions symbol identifies all the areas that make up a person’s life.  It’s important to stay in balance.

My website is tied to the four areas in my life:

Four Directions (Lakota)

Click on the symbol to learn more about the Four Directions

     Home– Personal (family)

     Work– I’m a Teacher and a Children’s Author

     Physical– Health and Wellness

     Emotional– Spiritual 

I blog about Native American Code Talkers, teaching, Native American Values, and digital storytelling.

My first book titled Sioux Code Talkers of World War II was published by Pelican Publishing Company on March 1, 2017 and it’s in a 2nd edition!  Find out more here!

Six of the seven Lakota Sioux Code Talkers of World War II (photo used with permission from Alma LaBlanc)

Six of the seven Lakota Sioux Code Talkers of World War II (photo used with permission from Alma LaBlanc)


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To find out more about Sioux Code Talkers, CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Native American Code Talkers, CLICK HERE.

Welcome, Friends!
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  1. Mikesays: Reply

    Nice Andrea, hope you enjoy this and look forward to following your writing!

  2. Jim Pagesays: Reply

    Nice to see all your years of research and hard work starting to pay off! Very proud of your dedication to get this important story out. Love, Jim

  3. Eva Lomskisays: Reply

    Hello Andrea, I was delighted to read that you enjoyed the article. Very best of luck with all your projects!

  4. Lisasays: Reply

    Andrea, my heart is bursting with happiness for you and this amazing accomplishment. I hope this is the first of many books you share with us. Xo, Lisa

  5. Carolyn Monseessays: Reply

    I am so proud of you!! I know how much work you’ve put into this and I couldn’t be happier for you!!


  6. Karin Andrewssays: Reply

    Yay! I can’t wait till it’s out. I will definitely buy at least one copy. So happy for you.
    Karin Andrews

  7. Jana Kwokasays: Reply

    Congratulations on your first book! Looking forward to seeing it!

  8. Jamie Moransays: Reply

    Wow, Andrea! You did it!

  9. Wendy Ransomsays: Reply

    You are a true example of perseverance! I’m so thrilled your book is going to be published…a true labor of love! Way to go, my friend! I am proud of you for following your dream and for sharing this important part of history and your ancestry.

  10. Stacy Lonardosays: Reply

    So glad I can say I knew Andrea when!! Congratulations on a job well done!

  11. Marysays: Reply

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read your book(s)!! I’m giving one to my grandsons for a special occasion!You are AMAZING!!!!

  12. Mary Monseessays: Reply

    Tears of joy stream down my face as i hear about the book: I know all the hours and hours you spent, traveling and interviewing and researching. So proud of your accomplishment, Love Mom

  13. Ingrid KLIMKEsays: Reply

    Congratulations! Your Mom told me about your book…now, its in the press! I can’t wait to get me a copy! March 1st, 2017…I mark the day!
    I’m so happy for you and can not even imagine how much work it took.
    I’m blessed to know you and your family…my American Family!
    Ingrid KLIMKE

  14. Will Nsays: Reply

    Congrats !!

  15. Bonnie Seaburnsays: Reply

    Congratulations to you, Andrea! You have persevered to write this important story and I cannot wait to read it!

  16. Mary Monseessays: Reply

    My dear daughter, I don’t know what to say except that words cannot express how very proud of you I am and only wish that Dad could have been with us to say the same.

    God bless you and all you do.

    Love, Mom

  17. Mary Monseessays: Reply

    Words cannot express what is in my heart, my dear Daughter. I only wish Dad were here to share this all with us: he would be as proud of you as I am!

    Love Mom

  18. Betsy Peersays: Reply

    Congratulations Andrea! Steve (Hale) told me he saw you and Jim in O.F.H. for a book signing. (Which by the way, I cannot believe he did not purchase a copy.) Sorry I missed seeing you. So happy to hear that you are fulfilling yet another passion.
    Can’t wait to read it.
    Betsy Peer (Hale)

    • I had a great turnout in the ADK – both at the Adirondack Reader and then the Old Forge Hardware Store. I’m so glad Steve stopped by to say hello! I hope you enjoy the book 🙂

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